Five Simple Ways to Feel Zen Right Now

How to feel zen in 5 steps

5 Ways to Feel Zen 

At this point, we are almost 15 months into the Covid-19 pandemic, and most of us are straight up burnt out! Working from home, educating our kids from home, trying to maintain some sense of work- life balance with seemingly no escape… it’s been a struggle to say the least.

A mom trying to feel zen amidst the chaos of parenting

On the bright side, there are many things we can do to find our zen RIGHT NOW! Over the course of the past year, I have researched and tried MANY different tools to calm myself down and find peace amidst all the stress and uncertainty. Out of all the things I have tried, these five have been the most helpful in helping me achieve serenity quickly and effectively!

Five Ways Feel Zen Right Now

1 . Move your body. It’s no secret exercise and movement do wonders for both our mental and physical health. I am an avid runner and I start every day with a work-out. Even if I’m feeling exhausted- and have low energy (truthfully, most days!), I stick to my routine by changing right into my work-out gear as soon as I wake up. This way, it sends the signal to my brain that I will exercise in some capacity before I move on with the rest of my day. Don’t have a 30 to 60 minute chunk of time to work out? Take a movement break. Step away from the computer and do 10 jumping jacks. Put in your earbuds in and get outside for walk while you have your zoom call. Respond to emails on the stationary bike. I have written a blog post or two while doing low impact exercise! By doing this, I have found I am much more focused and productive after just five minutes of moving my body. Not to mention my mood is MUCH improved and I have far more energy afterwards. 

River Valley Running as Stress Releif

excercise as a self care tool

2. Be proactive. This goes hand-in-hand with moving your body. I’ll never forget a conversation I had with my physiotherapist a while back. After a particularly bad neck and knee flare up, he suggested I look at my body as a vehicle. He asked me to think of all the many things I put my body through on a daily basis- carrying groceries, lifting children, vacuuming, running, or standing and staring at my computer screen. Our days may all look different, but even if you don’t realize it in the moment, everything we do takes a toll on our bodies and adds up over time. Just like how we schedule our cars in for servicing every few months, our bodies need maintenance too! For me, this includes regular physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy appointments. Plus, mental health sessions with my therapist. I am so grateful Alberta Blue Cross plans advocate alternative health models, and our coverage makes it affordable and easy for me to be proactive with my health. To read more about available plans, you can click here.

Physiotherapy at home is easy with a theragun

3. Meditate. I must admit, meditation and mindfulness are not my strong suit. I’m a classic type-A, over achiever who likes to get sh*t done. If I am busy or on a roll accomplishing things, I don’t want to stop and lose momentum. BUT, lately I have been making a concerted effort to step away from a situation that is causing me stress and anxiety and take a one minute “brain break”. I move myself to a different room, shut the door, close my eyes and breathe for sixty seconds. Set an alarm on your phone if you need to! I have honestly been shocked at how a one-minute meditation session has the power to calm me down and increase my productivity. WIN- WIN! If all else fails.. try a 10 minute yoga class on YouTube. There are a ton of free options to choose from.

meditation is helpful to remain calm

yoga is a great way to relax and calm the mind and body

4. Schedule self care. We all know the benefits of self care-it’s been the “buzz word” of much of 2020, and through to 2021. Knowing we need it, and making a concerted effort to give ourselves (and our minds) the true care we need, are two different things.

Here are some easy ways I’m incorporating self care into my days: 

  • Exercising 
  • Refraining from or minimizing how much I watching and reading the News.
  • Saying no to people and commitments that are not positive for me (and feeling NO GUILT about it)
  • Getting outdoors as much as possible.
  • Setting boundaries (AND HOLDING THEM!) for friends and family members.
  • Having some me-time (a bath at the end of the day or reading a new novel). 
  • Putting my phone away after 7 p.m.

bubble bath for self care

5. Prioritize rest. I have been an insomniac for about seven years now, since I became pregnant with my son, and I am often so exhausted I have a hard time falling asleep. Much like my children, if I miss my “window” to fall asleep, I can spend hours tossing and turning. Lately, I’ve been making a few small changes to my nightly routine and listening to my bodies sleep cues, staying off my phone in the evenings, switching sleep locations (such as sleeping on the couch) if I cannot fall asleep in my bed, and sometimes even staying up a bit later until my eyes are heavy – all of which have have been very helpful! Spend sometime figuring out what works for you. Maybe you incorporate a nap into your day, perhaps you aim to get to bed earlier, or turn off the TV an hour prior to when you usually would. Rest is key to a healthy mind and body!

prioritizing rest is helpful to minimize stress and an important way to feel zen right now

Hope you found these tips and tricks helpful for finding and maintaining your zen during these extra challenging times. A huge thank you to our friends at Alberta Blue Cross for sponsoring this post. 

In case you need to hear it today, life is tough, but you are TOUGHER! It is easy to be stressed and overwhelmed with the wight of the world right now, but let’s focus on how much we have already overcome.  Remember-  you’ve got this!


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