5 Simple ways to Help your Flowers live their BEST LIFE!

This post is for all out fellow flower lovin’ gals! Peonies, Tulips, Garden roses- you name ’em! When we treat ourselves to fresh cut florals we want them to last, amiright?? Last year we hosted an amazing spring arrangement workshop with the incredible Rachelle of Flowers by Willows,  in a stunning, brand new Parkwood Master Builder show home in Riverside of St. Albert. It was such a fun evening and we learnt a TON of useful tips and tricks that we have already put to use- and had great success with!



Can we talk about how amaze this KITCHEN is? When can we move in???

A huge thanks to Parkwood for letting us take over their Sienna show home for the evening!

Love the tile detail on the fireplace!

This floral feature wall is EVERYTHING!

How gorgeous is this laundry room? I wouldn’t mind sorting socks in here.. as much!

                          Arguably the best part of the house!

How to help your Flowers #livetheirbestlife:

1. Always cut your stems on an angle prior to putting in water. Even if you just cut them directly from the plant, you should re- trim the ends if they have been exposed to air longer than 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the amount of water the stems will be able to take up drastically decreases!  I re- trim my stems every other day to ensure maximum water absorption, so I tend to keep them fairly long to start with.

2. Remove all leaves and excess greenery below the waterline. This will prevent bacteria build up in water. More bacteria in water means flowers die sooner.

3. Dump out and replace water in vase DAILY!!. DAILY people! This alone has such a huge impact on the longevity of your blooms!

4.  Cut- off or remove dead flowers from arrangement or vase as soon as you notice they are dying. This will again prevent bacteria in the water that can spread and harm other flowers.

5. Keep your blooms out of direct sunlight. Sunlight warms the water, making it a breeding ground for – you guessed it- BACTERIA. Cool water and shade and the flowers have it made! 🙂

I’ve follow these 5 tips RELIGIOUSLY and my peonies have lasted up to a MONTH! That is a far cry from my shameful previous record of a week!

Hope you found these tricks useful, and as always, we’d love to hear from you, so be sure to hit us up on instagram  or send us an email at rivercitysisters@gmail.com !

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