6 Simple Gift Wrapping Tips!


Lets face it.. tis the season for ENDLESS holiday tasks! I for one, dread wrapping Christmas presents because #realtalk.. I’m positively terrible at it!  This year however, I decided I would research the best ways to wrap gifts, and I have to be honest I was pretty happy with the results! In the spirit of giving, I’m passing on the most helpful tips to you guys!

1.Buy Good Quality Paper. Total game changer. Thicker paper is so much easier to work with and doesn’t rip as easy! Aaaannnd thicker paper doesn’t necessarily mean pricier.  Homesense, Winners and Marshalls and Walmart all have great stock of good, cheap paper! Look for Double sided if they have.

2. Use Heavy Duty Scotch Tape in conjunction with small tape. This is great for big boxes. If you use the heavy duty tape for the initial tape it holds so much better!


3. If you order gifts online, keep those Boxes and use them. Put gifts inside, especially fabric: clothes, blankets, scarves etc. Boxes are so much easier to wrap than soft items!
4.Add a little EXTRA to each gift. I  must admit, I didn’t initially like this idea, but I soon noticed a small ribbon or bow goes a looong way to making a gift look great (and make up for tiny wrapping mistakes…) Choose a statement bows or ribbons, and If you prefer to keep it simple (or just hate ribbons and bows) try a nice gift tag!  I found the cute Kate Spade Gift tags below for $5.00 at Winners!
5.Save ribbons and bows and re use for next year! I recommend buying ribbons or bows in a classic color so they work with different wrapping papers year to year. Gold, Silver, and White work great. Keep a Rubbermaid container out on Christmas morning and save them right away so  they don’t get ruined you don’t have to buy them again!
6. Do a little at a time.. as soon as you buy the gifts! This way you don’t have a mountain of things to wrap under pressure, and end up tossing them all in bags (totally guilty of doing this in the past!) Plus if you have little detectives inyour house this will keep their eyes out of your usual gift hiding spots, as everything will be wrapped under the tree!!
Don’t know how to wrap at all? Here’s the Video I used to help me! Happy Wrapping!

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