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To put it simply, River City Sisters was born from our love of our city, Edmonton, and each other! Our goal was to create a unique space to celebrate and showcase our favorite recipes, DIY crafts, fashion finds, travel experiences, décor ideas, parenting tips, and local hot spots. We hope you enjoy following along on this sister adventure of ours!



35, mom to Bowen & Frankie

I'm the non-creative, type A, tell-it-like-it-is sister. After spending E I G H T years in University I finally found my dream job as a Social Studies teacher. Then I found out I was expecting my first child, and I was thrown into a totally new and exciting (and SCARY) job as a Mom! For me, adjusting to being a stay-at-home mom after working (usually 3 jobs at a time) and being in University for so long was SERIOUSLY TOUGH. I have always taken pride in my independence and I truly love teaching, so I struggled to find a balance and found myself with only a handful of friends who could actually relate! During my "extended" maternity leave, I began scouring other blogs and following a TON of them. But, it was hard to find blogs that had a wide variety of posts and ones that were not all "sunshine and rainbows". I quickly realized that when it came to parenting and all aspects of my life- I am a firm believer in KEEPING IT REAL. I wanted advice and tips without the sugar coating! Thus, I wanted to create a blog that encompassed many interests but was authentic and honest. I mean, who doesn't love a good "highlight reel"? It's nice to see beautiful photos of gorgeous outfits and picturesque homes... but personally, I need something more!  Recently, I've been back working part-time and am striving for that elusive work-life balance, so I'm all about finding new and unique workouts, healthy and fresh (and EASY) recipes,  and simple décor ideas (I hate clutter).  Other interesting facts about me .. I'm obsessed with Stevie Nicks, True Crime, and Bulldogs, and I absolutely despise Mushrooms and Disorganization! I'm also a workout junkie (Speed Swimming, Spin, Running, HIIT.. you name it) and own far too much faux fur and vegan leather.



31, mom to Weston & Georgia

I'm the Science-brained, wannabe creative, go-with-the-flow sister. After a snowmobile accident landed me in the Stollery Hospital at the age of 13, I knew that nursing was the career for me. The way the nurses cared for both my family and me was inspiring, and I hoped to one day pay it forward. I attended nursing school (AKA HELL) immediately after graduating from Highschool, got my butt kicked for four years, and then FINALLY found my niche in the operating room, where I have been for almost 5 years! The OR is, quite literally, a sterile environment where Type- A, adrenalin junkies flock. Professionally, it is the perfect fit for me, but I still needed a creative outlet in my personal life. Baking and cooking (and eating) have been hobbies of mine for as long as I can remember. My love of blogs started with the food variety and opened the door to lifestyle and fashion blogs, which I've been hooked on especially since purchasing my first home three years ago. I quickly learned though, that owning a house would not be exactly like I thought/hoped it would be. I bought my first house purely based on emotion. I was swooned by the charm (hello, wainscotting, and massive boulevard tress) and blind to imperfections (goodbye pink shower tile and mismatched baseboards). Turns out my furniture wouldn't be from  Restoration Hardware and West Elm, and I'd have to get creative to achieve the looks I'd fallen in love with on my favourite blogs. And so my love of thrifty, budget-friendly finds was born. Through this blog, I hope to share realistic and achievable fashion, home decor, and recipe ideas. Some fun facts about me... I'm a newlywed! It was 100% the best day of my life, but I am so happy to be wedding stress-free and absolutely loving married life.  I'm a pet mama to the sweetest dog and cutest bunny. Jazz is my absolute favourite kind of music, and I would read all day if you let me.


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