#BOYMOM Shopping Tips

This post is for all our  fellow Boy Mamas! Shopping for quality items for boys that are DURARABLE, affordable (and actually cute) often seems impossible! Neither of us sisters found out our babies genders while pregnant, so we each bought only a few staple, neutral items that would work for either boy or girl. Once our sons arrived- we kept this same neutral color theme rolling- Our little dudes have alll the Blacks, Greys, Army Greens going on!

The unfortunate reality is that the majority of space in children’s clothing stores is dedicated to girls, with very minimal options for boys. Since Richelle has been navigating these waters for a couple of years now, we figured we would pass on a few of her tried and true strategies and some of our favorite brands with you. Sharing is caring, right?!

1. Check out The Girls section – And not just with longing! (ha, ha).  Seriously though, skinny jeans and leggings are not just for girls! The girls section always has awesome dark wash denim and solid color black and grey leggings. Staples in our little’s guys’ wardrobes.

2. Buy TWO or THREE sizes at a time- I know it may seem excessive, but kids grow SO FAST. Richelle once purchased her son the most adorable leather jacket for $20 from Joe Fresh and has lived with regret ever since he grew out of it. She made the rookie mistake of not having the next two sizes up. LESSON LEARNED! Now, anytime either of us finds a great staple like a puffy down vest or jacket, nice chambray shirt, or neutral sweater.. we buy them in bulk! Haha. Classics never out date, and although you may be spending more initially, you wont have to be shopping ALL THE TIME. The same can go for shoes you find on sale. Richelle’s son has 5 pairs of the same black hightops in multiple sizes- no lie!

3. Graphic T & Button- up Combo-  This is on REPEAT over here. Beyond the fact that we’re obsessed with graphic tees, little kids are constantly moving and therefore becoming overheated! When you put thicker sweaters on kids, they always want them off. Inexpensive graphic tops with a reasonably priced plaid or chambray button up are warm in winter, but are also easily removed layers!

4. Shop Local Canadian Brands- We are both super passionate about shopping local and supporting fellow mamas! We’ve managed to luck out with a few amazing clothing companies.  Another benefit of buying from smaller Canadian companies is that when you shop online, you don’t pay duties, there is no exchange rate, and you receive your items SO MUCH FASTER!  Some of our go- to sustainable Canadian clothiers are  Little and Lively    from Abbotsford , NorthKinder in Edmonton and Portage and Main in Edmonton (North Kinder & Portage and Main can be found Refinery Clothing Co.)

5. Be Choosy With Your Big Box Shopping-  It’s not always possible to shop small, but when you do turn to bigger retailers, some are better than others! I often find the best deals at The Gap (for staples, swim trunks, girls section etc), Zara (outerwear, skinny jeans, dress shirts), H&M (outerwear, swim trunks, Chambray Shirts), Joe Fresh ( Plaid shirts, Chambray Shirts),

6. Splurge on Unique or High Quality Peices- If you have ever felt the fabric of Kickee Pants Pajamas, seen the slick tops and jeans by  Adam and YVE  or the incredibly cool graphics on Molo Tees or sweaters, you know what I am talking about. sometimes it IS worth spending a bit more on really great items that you (and your kids) will love. Like Bowen’s unreal Molo sweater from  Refinery Clothing Co Pictured below. He asks to wear it every day!

Photos by the Amazing Lana Palmer



Happy Boy- Mommin’! Use these tips with success? Find any amazing pieces for a great price? We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email, or reach out on instagram!


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