Local Charcuterie

How to make a charcuterie board

How to Make A Charcuterie Board  Have you been to Freson Bros. before? From the moment you walk in, until the second you leave, you can’t help but enjoy the experience! The aisles are spotless, the produce impeccable, the selection impressive and the staff always helpful and smiling (okay, smizing… its 2020!). When we think…

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Fresh Air – A Recipe for Living our Best Life!

We all know the last ten or so months have changed our routines and way of living. We’ve said goodbye to old habits and formed new ones. And the habit that has helped my family and I the most during these challenging times has undoubtedly been spending time in the great outdoors. Getting fresh air…

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Winter Running Guide

Richelle, lifestyle blogger in Edmonton, gives her top Cold Weather Running Tips in collaboration with the Running Room.

Cold Weather Running Tips Ask and you shall receive! When we announced our partnership with Running Room back in September the response was ASTOUNDING! It was amazing to hear that so many of you had gotten into the sport over the past several months. Even more amazing was learning that the majority of people hope…

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Get Running!

Raise your hand if you love to Run!! I realize Running may not be everyone’s favorite past time.. but it can be! Hear me out. There have been times in my life when I’ve run every single day. There have been times when I haven’t run in YEARS. Times when I’ve literally forced myself to…

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At Home Fitness Ideas

Richelle, Canadian Lifestyle Blogger of River City Sisters does a workout at home with her daughter. Get fitness ideas.

Home Workout Ideas For us, staying active is a HUGE stress relief and is crucial for our mental health. With many of us being stuck at home or having our fave fitness studios and rec centers shut down, finding ways to stay fit (and stay mentally healthy!) is a challenge. But thankfully, not impossible!! Here…

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5 Common Mistakes People Make When Starting a New Fitness Routine

January is the BUSIEST month of the year in each and every gym and fitness studio! It comes as no surprise as everyone is eager to get exercising to fulfill those New Years Resolutions and get back on track following the excess and over indulgence that goes hand in hand with the Holidays! Whether you…

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