Essential Oils for Immunity

To say that we are OVER Cold and Flu Season is pretty much the understatement of the year! The fact that Mackenzie works in a hospital, Richelle’s little guy attends pre-school (aka germ central) combined with an ineffective 2018 Influenza Vaccine  has meant that we have been sick pretty much non- stop! Add Richelle’s pregnancy and non- existent immune system into the mix, and you have the perfect storm of illness. While we are both firm believers in Western Medicine, when it comes to immunity, we are willing to try many different means to stay healthy! If you watch our Instagram stories, you have likely seen us brothing, juicing, exercising, eating LOTS of greens, and taking every vitamin under the sun. Not to mention everything you don’t see- us constantly Lysol-ing every surface in our homes, and scrubbing our hands obsessively every chance we get. Anyone else feeling like they are doing ALL of these things to stay healthy and having no success?

A few weeks back, we started the conversation on Instagram about Essential Oils and the response was HUGE! It turns out, a lot of people are on the Essential Oil train and have achieved great success incorporating Essential Oils into their health routines. The most frequent suggestions we received were to look into Thieves oil products by Young Living, Oils by DoTerra and Sage Wellness. We have both been frequent Sage shoppers over the past few years, but primarily used oils and diffusers in our homes aesthetically or as nice room scents. There were mixed reviews on Young Living and DoTerra, so we decided the best thing to do was give each a try and see how it went!

We ordered the Thieves set from Young Living which contained hand sanitizer, dish soap, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, hand soap, fruit and veggie cleaner and toothpaste. Thieves is said to assist with Colds and flus as a germ killer (bronchitis, sore throat, lung congestion, stomach bug, sinus infection), Oral health (cold sores, tooth aches, sore throat, gum disease) Headaches, Immune support and be great for cleaning.

From Young Living, we also ordered the Di-Gize Essential Oil and mixed 20 drops with water in a spray Bottle for topical application . Di-Gize is said to provides valuable support for a healthy digestive system when used topically on vitaflex points and over stomach. Includes naturally occurring constituents such as menthol, citrol, and zingibere. This came highly recommended for the Stomach Bug. It is not recommended for during Pregnancy so Richelle has not been using this one, but it is safe for children over the age of two.

From Young Living, we also ordered Frankincense and Oregano oils, both of which have been known to provide powerful support the body’s natural defenses. Combining these two with the Theives Oil, Richelle made a child safe roll- on for Bowen. She applies in the morning and evening to his feet and back.

Roll- on found at Planet Organic. Ratios are as follows: 10 drops Theives, 10 drops Oregano, 5-6 drops Frankincense. The remainder of the roll- on is filled with a carrier oil. Richelle used fractionated coconut oil, also found at Planet Organic.

Richelle has also become obsessed with the Stress Away + Lavender oil, both of which she has been diffusing regularly since Frankie was born. They. Smell. AMAZING.

Another part of the conversation was the diffusers themselves! We both have a few small diffusers from Sage, and while very stylish and nice to look at, we found that they don’t hold a lot of water, and thus can only run for a short period of time before running out. We were on the hunt for more of a heavy-duty humidifier that could be used in conjunction with Essential oils (many humidifiers do not recommend use with Essential Oils). After many hours of research, time on Amazon, a visit to the Sage store and numerous recommendations from our insta friends (THANK YOU!!!) we ended up purchasing a few of the below humidifier by Bell + Howell, recommended by our friend Megan.


This humidifier holds a TON of water, can run for 24 hours, has a tray for oils and was found at WALMART! This humidifier satisfied allllll of our criteria. Boom.

At this point, we have integrated these new Essential Oils into our routine and are PRAYING that they will help keep us well in the midst of all this sickness! We will keep you posted, and will provide another update once we try some other products by DoTerra and Sage.

AND now for the GIVEAWAY Details!

We will be giving one lucky follower an awesome Roller Trio:

  1. Immunity Roller (Frankincense + Oregano + Theives)
  2. Sleepy Roller (Sleepyizw +Vetiver)
  3. Happy Roller (Stress Away + Lavender)

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Feel free to contact us or if you are interested in more information on essential oils and the above rollers!

Note: This post is NOT sponsored. We are simply sharing information based upon our recent experiences!


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