(Extra) Spooky Halloween

How to celebrate Halloween safely post-covid

When I think back to April and how sad I was that we wouldn’t be spending Easter together as a family (for the first time ever!), but at the same time thinking “thank goodness it’s not Thanksgiving/Christmas”…. I kind of have to laugh (and maybe shed a tear). At the time, none of us had any idea how the COVID-19 pandemic would effect us. We had NO idea how far reaching it would be or how long it would last. We had no idea about the effect it would have on our economy, our mental and physical health, how we conduct business, how our kids would go to school, how we would shop…. everything. Our whole lives have shifted. Now, 7 months later, we’ve learned a lot more about COVID-19, and while the information and public health recommendations continue to evolve and change on a seemingly weekly basis…. things have generally speaking levelled out and become more predictable. We now have a better understanding of how long we might be dealing with this. So, while COVID-19 hasn’t left us… and will very much be here for Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas, it doesn’t mean we have to cancel those holidays. Just shift how we might celebrate! We’re here to help you celebrate the holidays safely… but one at a time! Today we’ll tackle Halloween, so it doesn’t have to be ANY spookier than usual. We’ll share tips for safely celebrating the traditional way (trick-or-treating) AND new ways (Halloween H[a]unt) to celebrate if you’re not quite comfortable with taking your kiddos out. Happy Halloween!!!!

Tips for safely trick-or-treating

1. Only trick or treat if everyone is healthy

Shift plans (see below) if anyone is exhibiting symptoms- however minor they may be! It’s important to keep this day safe for everyone.

2. Trick or treat with your cohort family

Kids might be keen to head out with their friends, but it’s safest to stick to a small group (aka your cohort family). It also best to avoid crowded streets if possible.

3. Wear a mask!

Yep, trick or treating is an out door activity, and masks aren’t mandatory outdoors. However the recommendation is that if you can’t maintain two meters distance from others, that you should wear a mask. The very nature of Trick-or-treating puts you into closer contact with others. Bonus points if it can be incorporated into your costume!!

4. Carry hand sanitizer.

Generally speaking, kids should be discouraged from ringing doorbells or knocking on doors, and instead yelling “trick-or-treat”! But it doesn’t hurt to have some Sani on hand justttt in case!

5. Wash hands and wipe all packages before allowing kids to tear into them!

I like using a cloth with warm soapy water to wipe my groceries, and recommend the same for candy packages.

*please note, these recommendations are consistent with CMOH recommendations as of original published date. We will make every effort to update as necessary. You can find the CMOH Halloween recommendations for trick-or-treating, handing out Halloween candy or attending a Halloween party here.

Celebrating with New Traditions

Halloween H(a)unt

We’re a big Halloween family, so when it became apparent that COVID could potentially throw a wrench in our traditional plans, we started to brainstorm other ideas. Our little guy had the BEST time for his first Easter egg hunt this year, even through the eggs were empty (yep, I’m that mom 🤣). He made us hide them over and over again. So the idea of the Halloween H(a)unt was born! Egg hunt, but make it Halloween! Since were such big Halloween fans, simple coloured eggs weren’t going to cut it. Luckily plastic Easter eggs can transform into Halloween eggs with the help of a sharpie!! After you decorate, stuff them with mini treats and hide them as you would an Easter egg!

We didn’t have a ton of eggs so I did have to order some. I got these online from Party City (I was also ordering costume supplies), the dollar store could help you out too.

Pick your favourite colours and grab your sharpie!

We don’t have much artistic talent, but you get the idea… anyways its what’s inside that counts!

Movie Night

A super simple, budget friendly, DIY free, but still very fun alternative to Trick-or-Treating, is a movie night! Whip up some Halloween cookies, a batch of hot chocolate or apple cider, grab some fun and special treats and cozy up on the couch for a fun Halloween movie. Netflix has a ton of great family friendly options like Monster House, Goosebumps , and Shreks Spooky stories. Some other family friendly favourites include: the Great Pumpkin, Halloween Tree and my all time favourite Hocus Pocus!

We hope you enjoy however you decide to celebrate this fun holiday! Be sure to show us your Halloween eggs by tagging us @rivercitysisters on Instagram! Stay safe and healthy friends! Happy Halloween!!

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