Fabulous Frosé

How to Make Frosé

How to Make Frosé

Frosé—A.K.A. frozen rosé is the  current “it” drink of the summer! Created in NYC and perfected in LA, you are sure to see it popping up on trendy cocktail menus all over the place! And did we mention it’s easy? If you are a wine lover, rosé lover, or (lets be real) cocktail lover, this drink does NOT disappoint! A pitcher of Frosé is that perfect addition to a weekend BBQ or to compliment sunny Wednesday evenings spent on the patio! There are two ways to make this Rosé.. one by just throwing all the ingredients into the blender, and the other by creating a strawberry simple syrup first. Both options yield a refreshing and delicious result!

Here’s What you Need to Make Frosé:

  1. Bottle of dry Rosé (For more color go with a Pinot Noir or Merlot Rosé… I just used my favorite Rosé that I already had at home!)
  2. 1/4 cup stevia (You can use regular sugar if you prefer – 1/2 cup)
  3. 1 Cup strawberries (sliced into quarters)
  4. Juice from Two lemons

Richelle's favorite bottle of rosé to use for Frosé


  1. Pour Rosé into a 9×13 Pan (or ice cube trays if you have) and let Rosé freeze for 6- 8 hours.
  2. Optional: Make a simple syrup. Stir together stevia and 1/2 cup water in sauce pan over medium heat until stevia is completely dissolved and liquid reduces to half of volume. Remove from heat, add strawberries and let sit for 30 minutes. Strain out strawberries and let cool.
  3. Once Rosé has been in freezer 6- 8 hours, scrape frozen Rosé into blender (or pop out of cube tray into blender).
  4. Squeeze in lemon juice
  5. Add in simple syrup (or strawberries and stevia if you didn’t make syrup)
  6. Blend
  7. If you aren’t serving your frosé right away, stick into freezer. Just re- blend before serving!
  8. Garnish with a strawberry and bask in the amazingness that is Frosé!

You'll need a blender to make frosé.

How to make frosé that's pretty and delicious

Happy Wine- Wednesday! We want to hear about your Delicious Frosé creations! Tag us on instagram or send us an email rivercitysisters@gmail.com!

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