Five Fit Tips for Staying on Track and Still ENJOYING Vacay!

The good news- Spring Break is just DAYS away! The bad news… we aren’t going anywhere warm! SIGH. We are mentally preparing ourselves for all the beach/ palm tree/ poolside pics on our newsfeeds (insert sad-faced emoji here!) Ha-ha.

That being said, just because WE aren’t going on Vacation doesn’t mean we can’t share a few of our favorite tips and tricks for staying fit while on Holidays.  I know, I know, vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun, a break from the hustle bustle of the regular routine. But, there is nothing worse than coming home from an awesome trip saddled with a few extra pounds and regret the size of your suitcase.

Here are our tried and true strategies for not de-railing all of your hard work in the gym and in the kitchen meal preppin’! After all, the only things you want to bring home from Holidays are a golden tan, great memories and maybe a few goodies you found on sale!

1. Find a way to exercise EVERY Day- This doesn’t mean you have to run 10 miles or spend two hours in the gym. It is a great idea though to schedule a few solid workouts while away. For example, if you are gone for 7 days, do 3 regular gym workouts like you would at home, and then on the off days take a few tanning breaks and run along the beach, or swim/tread water for a bit.

2. Keep those cocktails CLEAR- We get it. Fruity drinks are sooo good. But they are also 90% sugar, which is seriously no bueno for the beach bod! It is tough to say no to the tropical drinks when in paradise, but there are lots of easy ways to health-ify those cocktails. We are huge fans of the pina colada over here, so our favorite substitute is Malibu coconut rum + club soda. This Skinny Pina tastes just as delicious, but is refreshing, more hydrating and has one FIFTH of the calories. Another great option is a  light Margarita-your choice of one part tequila, one part triple sec,fresh lime juice, lots of club soda and a dash of agave or stevia.

3. Cook, when possible- We try to eat breakfast and lunch at home whenever we can. This keeps us on track for healthy eating AND allows us to stay on budget while we are away. Money saved on restaurants= money for shopping, amiright? We still like to have Dinners out if we can. When we are in a new place we love to check out all the different options, and if we are returning to one of our favorite spots we always have our MUST visit, go -to restaurants.

4. Plan ACTIVE-ities- Keep your body moving, while you relax! Plan a few excursions that get you active without you realizing it. Walk to and from places as much as possible, plan a hike one day, a snorkel trip another, or get in on a game of beach volleyball. Last time we were in Hawaii, we signed up for an afternoon of Zip Lining, and it was surprising how much of a workout it was! We hiked and walked quite a bit in between the different lines- a great way to burn a few extra calories. We also try to Park the rental car and walk or bike as much as we can. Walking to and from restaurants, the pool, the beach, to the coffee shop, grocery store etc. can really add up. Try to book your accommodation within walking distance of amenities to maximize this.

5. Splurge on a New Item- Look good, feel good, right? Some times you just need a killer new piece of workout wear to motivate you! I’ve listed some of my favorite current Athleisure items below!


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Have an awesome Spring Break, whether you are headed away on vacation or having a stay-cation!

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