Ultimate Road Trip (Healthy) Eats

With the long weekend looming, I am organizing away as we prepare for a little mountain vacation! Since I’m in prep mode- I figured I’d share some of my road trip tips with you.. specifically related to FOOD! As the mother of a constantly growing, constantly HUNGRY toddler boy, I have learned to always have a vehicle stocked with healthy snacks at all times. Seriously, I think my son eats DOUBLE the food I consume in day! Our drive to the mountains is a little longer than most, it takes us eight or nine hours to get to our favorite ski spot in Idaho, so we really try to keep the stopping to a minimum! Enter my epic bag of healthy snacks!

Here’s what makes the cut:

  • Fresh Berries (Raspberries and Black Berries are our faves- but not always available)
  • Grannie Smith Apples
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Mini cucumbers
  • Organic Carrot sticks ( I prefer to cut my own, even though it is time consuming.. the pre cut are soaked in preservatives)
  • Fresh Pea Pods
  • Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn (simple ingredients, no unnatural preservatives)
  • Protein Power Balls (Recipe here!)
  • Homemade Trail Mix (Recipe here!)
  • Organic Pretzels
  • Apple Chips
  • Gold Fish crackers (I know these aren’t the healthiest… but I have a toddler..  I pick my battles!)
  • Squeeze pouches (see previous comment!)
  • Rice Crackers or Nut Thins
  • Coconut Water (hydrate before you dehydrate! )
  • Green Juice to go (Recipe here!)


My husband always makes fun of me, and says he would rather go through Peters Drive- in… but secretly I think he likes that I always have a bunch of healthy options on hand!

What are your go- to healthy travel snacks?

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Family Day Long weekend!

Xo Richelle


  1. Joanne Currah on February 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm

    Love this!!

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    Best view i have ever seen !

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