How to Refresh a Room by Making THREE Simple + Inexpensive Changes

In the months leading up to the arrival of my second baby (Frankie) I had absolutely ZERO motivation to update the Nursery decor! Nothing had been changed whatsoever since we moved our son Bowen out, and into his Modern Safari bedroom. Since we didn’t know the gender of our baby, we decided to hold off making any changes until after the arrival. That said, we did know that regardless of whether the baby was a boy or girl, we would keep the wall colors and furniture neutral. This would prove to be very helpful in terms of cost- saving!

Once Frankie was born, I wanted to get the ball rolling right away.. but like most new parents, I was in straight up “survival mode” and I didn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to this room re- vamp. I decided to keep it simple and focus on making  THREE small changes. SPOILER ALERT: it turned out amazing and didn’t break the bank!

1. Use Wall Decals. These are ideal as they can add a huge impact to a wall, without the permanence of paint or wall paper. They are also very reasonably priced. We chose these sweet Peonies from Urban Walls – and they only took us a few hours to apply. We paired the decals with a gorgeous custom “Frankie” sign created by our pal, Justine Ma.


2. Switch Out Prints + Frames. Previously, I had several framed prints (from Chapters Indigo) on a shelf . I ended up finding a new, inexpensive frames from Homesense and replacing the prints with different ones. Some were from Chapters Indigo once more, and the rest were found at the Royal Bison Craft Show and (again) from Justine Ma. This was a very easy and effective way to personalize the space for Frankie girl!


3. Replace Bedding ! When the Nursery was Bowen’s we had very crisp white linens. I stumbled across these linens by Burts Bees at Buy Buy Baby and thought they would be a fun, cheap way to spice up the room! Heres a close up.

All in, we were able to personalize Frankie’s Nursery for under $400 which was pretty Awesome. We will definitely be using these same three strategies again when it comes time to refresh the next room in our home!

Hope these tips helped! Do a Room Update of your own? We want to hear from you! Reach out to us via email at or on instagram !

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