Italian Inspired Chop Salad

I came up with this idea while roaming the amazing aisles at the Italian Center Shop. Everything in that store is positively amazing- from the incredible deli to the (cheap!) and great quality produce, to the aisles of unique European products. I swear, in anther life, I was Italian!

As many of you know, I’m on a mission to eat more SALAD in 2017. In order to do that, I want to create salad that is delicious, interesting AND Healthy. So why not combine several of my favorite Italian ingredients into a salad? Plus, I may have said this before, but this DRESSING is one of my all time best creations. Its a masterpiece. Even the most salad-hating individuals in your life will be into it! Promise!


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For Salad:

– 1 Container Organic Arugula

– 1 Cup Basil, washed + Chopped

-1 Pint Cherry Tomatoes

-1/2 Cup chopped Salami ( I used 1/4 cup peppered and 1/2 cup parmesano) I know Salami and cured meats are not exactly what most would deem “healthy”, but you know what?  Life is all about balance!

-2/3 Cup Fresh mozzarella pearls (can also buy cubed!)

-1 cup cucumber, washed + sliced

For Dressing:

– Fresh Lemon Juice from 1 full lemon

-2 tbsp Dijon Mustard

-3 tbsp Red Wine Vinegar

-1 tsp. dried Oregano

-1 tsp Truvia (or sugar if you prefer)

-2 cloves garlic, pressed

-1/3 cup Olive Oil

-Pepper ( I figure there’s enough salt in the salami!)


1. Combine salad ingredients in a medium sized bowl and mix well


2. In a smaller bowl whisk together dressing ingredients


3. Drizzle dressing over  vegetable/meat/ cheese mixture

4. Serve with grilled chicken or fish if desired! *I added leftover chicken to mine for lunch and it was perfect!*


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