Lemon Love

Lemons! What we once considered the most boring and basic of the citrus fruit family has become a staple in our grocery carts and in our homes in recent years. Over time we have found ourselves using it more and more, incorporating it into a TON of our recipes. Who knew it was SO versatile?!

Everything from salad dressings to marinades to cocktails are made better with a little help from this trusty and inexpensive ingredient! Because we love lemons sooo much we decided to round up some of our top uses/ recipes for your reference in one convenient place.


Freshly squeezed lemon juice is a crucial part of many of our favorite salads. If you haven’t tasted these ones yet, they are all perfect for weekend BBQs, weeknight dinners or make ahead work lunches! We often make a big batch of the dressing when doing Sunday meal prep, and store it in our refrigerators to be used through out the week. Click on the links below for all the deliciousness!

1. Vegan Kale Ceasar

Guiltless Kale Cesaer Salad

2. Orzo Asparagus 

Orzo Asparagus Salad

3.  Savory Brussels Sprout Salad

4. Bright Summer Salad


Richelle actually stole this tip from her husband, who regularly marinades STEAK in Lemon Juice. Once she got over the shock of how odd she thought that was, and tried it, she could not believe how great it tasted! The flavour is not harsh our tart at all.  In fact, the acid in the lemon juice helps to tenderize the meat, and balance out other flavours in marinades such as garlic, onion and fresh herbs. Now, we both use lemon as a base when marinading all types of meat and fish!


We’ve already mentioned our Orzo salad above, but another tried and true recipe of ours that hinges on the citrus zip of lemon, is our Pasta Primavera. Try this dish once and you will be hooked. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


You HAD to see this one coming! Any excuse for a cocktail! Check out two of our favorites:

Lemon- Basil Tom Collins



Gin Smash

We hope these Lemon ‘tips’ help shake up your meal times and Happy Hours, and inspire you to try something new! What’s your go – to way to use Lemon’s in your Kitchen? We’d love to hear from you! Comment on below or reach out to us on Instagram!

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