Microblading: Five Things you MUST know First

I’ve had my eyebrows micro bladed for just over a year now. Let me tell you, when it comes to beauty, this was one of the BEST decisions I’ve EVER made.  I will be honest, if I am not at work, or out at a function, date night, or blog shoot, I do NOT wear make up! I just can’t justify the time and effort for my days where I am going from gym to preschool to the grocery store! Enter Microblading. Having my brows permanently done makes me feel just a littttle bit more put together when I’m fresh faced. That being said, I recall how daunting the whole process of microblading seemed to me at the outset. Many.Tiny. Cuts. Full. Of. Color. On. My. Face??? WEIRD Right?!  Don’t worry. I’m breaking it down for you, it’s actually much less daunting than it seems. Here are 6 helpful Tips to help get you prepared and on your way to Brow Glory!

FYI this is a bit of a lengthy post, so be prepared!

Here is what you need to know about microblading:

1. Do your Research

Not all technicians are created equal. Microblading is not a regulated industry in Canada. You will want to look for someone who has been certified via a four day course, two week course or proper extensive training. It is important to know the difference in their technique. As well, just because a cosmetic tattoo artist may have years of experience, that does not necessarily translate to quality skills with microblades.  I have known my technician for 10+ years and she is actually a microblading educator. I trust her with my life! I realize not everyone has a person like her they know and love so, make sure you read testimonials and google reviews! I am happy to make recommendations upon request! Just email me rivercitysisters@gmail.com

2. Does your technician microblade or tattoo?

This is CRITICAL. Microblading is when several small strokes or cuts are made in your brows and then filled with pigment to look like actual hairs. With this type of procedure, do not expect a solid color. Instead, anticipate more full, dark and natural look. Microblading, when done properly, will only go through the first layer of skin. If the strokes go any deeper the color will turn to ash or even purple/blue. Deeper strokes will affect the outcome of your healed brows. This is a semi- permanent treatment that will likely need to be re- touched after 12-14 months. However, if you are aiming for a solid, filled- in brow, you will want a machined procedure that typically goes deeper into the skin. This creates a permanent tattoo that does not involve strokes.

3. Be Aware

When you are discussing with the technician prior to your procedure, there are a few things you should be cautious of. The biggest mistake that a lot of under qualified technicians make is trying to build the brows in one procedure.

When you have NO brows or structure, that’s the first thing that needs to be built.  Each procedure is a layer of hair.  That means, the less hair you have , the more layers you will need.  Over stroking the skin, or building in one procedure, can cause the pigment to blow out under the skin.  This will give you a solid look and blurred lines.  You want each stroke to resemble a hair, nice and clean. Therefore, if your technician plans to only do one procedure, clarify WHY. The only reason you should need one procedure is if you already have evenly structured brows and are looking for darkening.

You will also want to check how many strokes they plan on putting in and how far apart. Over blading can cause your strokes to come off in large scabs, and you will pull out the pigment.

4. Level of Commitment

This is two fold. Financial and Aftercare. Financially, be prepared to spend between $400 – $750. This should include an initial consultation and two brow blading sessions. Any less, I would be wary of quality of work. Any more expensive you are being taken for a ride!

As far as aftercare, you will need to be on top of it. Post blading, you will clean brows daily with fingertips and warm water and apply either Blistex or vaseline (my technician prefers Blistex). Brows will be extremely itchy for the first two weeks after the procedure, so stay STRONG. You must avoid itching or pulling at strokes. As well, for the first two weeks after your blading you will have to kiss water goodbye. No pools. No Ocean. No hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms. Also, you must avoid the sun at all costs to prevent fading. Therefore, summer and pre- vacay are NOT the ideal times to have your brows bladed.

5. The Process

Before any of the magic happens, you will have a consultation. Firstly, the technician needs to make sure there aren’t any medical conditions that would prevent you from getting your brows on fleek. Secondly, they need to assess what they are working with! Like most people, your brows will not be identical.  You and your technician will discuss shape, your #browgoals and fill out a questionnaire on skin type and color (to determine which colour pigment to use).  Then, the technician will draw an outline of your ideal brows on your face so you can get an idea of what they will look like, and make necessary adjustments. Following that, a topical freezing ointment is applied to minimize pain. I actually find the pain quite mild. The consultation + first procedure usually last between 1.5 and 3 hours, so plan accordingly. I should also mention that if you have Botox injections regularly you should have those done at least a month prior to microblading.

Wow Factor

I will give it to you straight. Do not expect miracles after the first procedure. The main purpose of this procedure is to set the framework of your brows with larger, defining strokes. After the first session, you will notice that your brows are darker and the shape is much improved. Don’t be disheartened if the natural feathered look is not achieved at this point. That happens at your touch up appointment. With round two, the technician repeats the freezing process,  but now go makes many small detailed strokes. This will darken brows much more significantly, and create feathering and definite wow factor. That said, try to keep your expectations realistic,  to quote my technician ” you want your brows to be sisters. They will never be twins!”

Here is a look at my brow transformation with microblading:

Microblading Before Pictures

Photo from my technician Darlene Tewitz

Microblading After Pictures

Here you can see the larger, defining strokes

microblading before and after pictures - how to find the right microblading technician

This is when you see the more detailed, feather like strokes.

Microblading fills in your natural eye brows but fades over time.

After a year, you can see strokes fade and need to be re- touched

microblading needs to be touched up every year. After my yearly microblading  appointment

Following my yearly Maintenance Microblading appointment.

what is microblading and how long does microblading last?

microblading before and after pictures


I know this was  A LOT of information, but if you have any questions about microblading, please don’t hesitate to email us at rivercitysisters@gmail.com. Our apologies for the long post but we REALLY wanted to give you guys a very thorough post from an expert!


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