Modern Farmhouse Holiday Decor

When we saw the AMAZINGNESS that is Parkwood Master Builder‘s Coronado Showhome in Edgemont Ravines designed as a Modern Farmhouse we knew we had to Deck it out for the Halls! Neither of our homes are Modern Farmhouse style so we thought this would be a fun challenge to decorate! Turns out there were so many fantastic ornament and decor options- it wasn’t much of a challenge at all! We aimed to stick with a mainly white and gold color palatte so as not to detract from the rest of the room.  So without further ado… Ta – Da!

We found this pre-lit dream boat of a tree at Costco for the cool price of  $50. If you are in need of a tree, Costco is totally on point.

White Faux Fur Tree Skirt (Superstore- 49.00)

Now for the Ornaments:

Golden sprayed wooden stick balls (Michaels) 6.99 but got these 2 for 1 special

White “snow” Tufts (Michaels) also 6.99 but got these 2 for 1

Willow puff Balls (Michaels) 2.00 each

Geometric Moose, Bear and Deer ornaments were a bit pricier from Urban Barn at 4.99 each

White Swirls (Pier 1) 7.00 each but 40% off + Plaid Checked Ribbon (Michaels) 4.99 (but was 2 for 1)

Burlap Swirls (Pier 1) 7.00 each, but 40% off

White and Gold Acorns 3.99 at Michaels

And lastly, the pièce de résistance…  the GARLAND! Modern. Minimal. Perfection. A steal from Pier 1 at $34 per bough.. this was a no- brainer. We used four for the stair well railings, and two for the fireplace mantle.

We love how malleable it is, you can wrap it or adjust it ANY way you want, you can even turn it into a wreath!

Also. Can we talk about this stair well? That white brick is what DREAMS ARE MADE OF!!

Fur Stockings Found at Chapters Indigo. Deer Head Stocking holders Found at Walmart. Thin gold beads found at Superstore. Glitter Moose found at Super Store .

Happy Decorating! If you have any questions about any of the items above feel free to reach out to us on instagram or email us at

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