What Mother’s Really Want.. For Mother’s Day

Last week, we shared our Mother’s Day Gift Guide with plenty of fantastic gift suggestions for the moms in your life! But because YOU Moms are so AMAZING, so SPECIAL and do so MUCH we thought one post about Mother’s Day simply wasn’t enough! So we’ve teamed up with our friend Hannah of The Momoirs Blog  to compile a list of the top things we, as moms really want, but may be afraid to ask for! And because you mamas deserve the absolute best.. we’re are spoiling you like you deserve with a SERIOUSLY EPIC GIVEAWAY!!

Top Things Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day:

1. To eat a meal while SEATED. This means… not standing up over the kitchen sink, not in a rush! We are defining meal as containing at least 3 of the food groups… must be more than left- over gold fish crackers or the other half of an unfinished apple left by a mini on the floor!

2. A little Shopping Spree at Refinery Clothing Co. We know these are tough economic times and all, the price of oil is low and blah blah blah. That being said, moms deserve a little splurge every once in a while.  We do like items of clothing beyond black yoga pants and tank tops that we wore to the gym earlier in the morning (and didn’t have time to change out of quite yet). One of these days we will get a night out.. and when we do, we need a bomb a** outfit for that!


3. A Very Good Cappucino from Transcend CoffeeI mean, we moms basically  have caffeine flowing through our veins. Between waking up in the middle of the night to feed little ones (change diapers, clean vomit etc.), rising at the crack of dawn to whisk kiddos to school, and all our other responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, driving, running errands.. even rockstars need the help of caffeine to get it done! And I’d say we’ve earned the good stuff, wouldn’t you agree?


4. A Bubble bath. By ourselves. For however long we want. Sans bath toys. With some delicious smelling oil or salts or bath bombs or WHATEVER. Maybe we’ll even go crazy and light a few candles and spark up some Netflix on our ipad. Bath time shouldn’t just be for all the kiddies in our house, right?!

5. A Fantastic bottle of Vino from Vines Wine Merchants. This goes hand in hand with number 4, don’t you think? Red, white, bubbles, Rose.. we don’t discriminate. And you know what, we don’t even need a glass. Just un- cork and leave the bottle. After all, mommin’ aint easy.


6. Sleep. Heres a little mom truth for you.. we are always tired. Scratch that. EXHAUSTED. How about letting us sleep and awake on our own instead of to the voice of a child. That, my friends, would be a #dreamcometrue And, if you want to go the extra mile.. why not let us nap while we are at it? Just this once.

7. Doughnut PartyNo explanation needed for this one. Those deliciously fresh, fluffy, melt- in your mouth little morsels are sent from Heaven above. Legit. Give mama those doughnuts!


8.Time Off.  Ahhh. We can never seem to get through the 10 million things on our “to- do” lists between the mountains of laundry, helping with homework, grocery shopping and refereeing fights between siblings. It would be so great to finally check some things off that list, or even just take an hour to do whatever we want, no questions asked!

9. A little Pampering with Pura Botanicals. Look good, feel good, right? Sometimes we are so busy looking after everyone else’s needs that we forget about our own! Especially our skin! Most days we barely have time to wash our faces let alone apply make up and the treatments we did, prior to our littles coming along. The Ambrosia Beautifying Complex is perfect for the mama on the go, as it is hydrating, fast-absorbing, and helps to boost the look of the skin, leaving a firm, glowing, silky-soft appearance. This amazing product both soothes and relieves skin of irritation, minimizes pores, while toning and balancing the complexion! This is a mommy must have!


10. One Less Responsibility-  Mom’s have a lot on their plate. Our job is never ending, and we all know the terror of the 5pm “witching hour” when our children turn on us and supper isn’t quite ready yet. We care about the health of our kids and want them to eat well, but it’s so time consuming feeding a whole family! Which is why getting organic, local groceries from The Organic Box delivered to your door is such a life-saver. Supporting local farmers and not dragging your toddler through the grocery store? Yes Please!

AND because we love our Mama friends SO much, we want to spoil you!  Heck, you deserve it! River City Sisters and the Momoirs have partnered with some amazing local businesses in #yeg and are giving TWO lucky winners some amazing Mothers Day treats! We’ve got Two Giveaway Prize Packages to share!

Package 1: Pura Botanicals Ambrosia Beautifying Complex, 6 Doughnuts from Doughnut Party, “The Weekly Favourites” Box from Organic Box ($145 value) AND a $50 gift card to add whatever groceries you may need, DELIVERED to your front door!

Package 2: Gorgeous Melanie Auld x Jillian Harris Heart Necklace From Refinery Clothing Co., a delicious Bottle of Lafage Rose from Vines Wine Merchants, a $50.00 Gift Card to Transcend Coffee.

To Enter:

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  2. Tag a fellow mom friend below the picture of the package(s) you want to win (one friend per comment)
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  4. Contest for package 1 will close on Wednesday May 10 at noon MST. Contest for package 2 will launch Wednesday May 10, and will close Friday May 12 and noon MST.

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