Maple Bacon Doughnuts

Canada’s 150th birthday is quickly approaching, and as proud Canadians we certainly think this is reason to celebrate! If you’re like us, and really excited to celebrate but maybe feeling like it snuck up on you and are sort of scrambling to get your Barbeque or party organised…. don’t worry….We’ve got you covered with this…

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Southwestern Salad with a Twist

You know us by now… we sisters are alllll about that salad life. This summer salad is one of my favorite takes on the classic Southwest. This dish is loaded with tons of delicious flavors and textures, a little heat and some sweetness from the feature ingredient: Juicy Summer Peaches! Here’s What you Need: Salad…

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Avocado Feta Dip

Last Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch and drinking coffee while flipping through Instagram stories. My friend Paige’s story pops up, and I find my self staring (and drooling) over a photo of her Avocado Feta dip. Like most people, I’m obsessed with avocado. And Cheese. Two things ALWAYS on our grocery list,…

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Amazing Watermelon-Berry Protein Popsicles

Now that the weather is warming up (FINALLY), Summer time obsessions like the park and POPSICLES are back in full force! My toddler son was recently introduced to Popsicles by a family member, and OF COURSE, like all things loaded with sugar (that I have actively been avoiding giving him) he loved them! In my typical,…

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So….You’ve been asked to host a Bridal Shower

  It is FINALLY starting to feel like spring and the calendar confirms that summer IS coming. And what’s another name for Summer? WEDDING SEASON! With weddings come bridal showers and stagettes; events, that along with her wedding, the bride has been dreaming about her whole adulthood! As a guest, your responsibilities are to RSVP…

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Fabulous Frosé

How to Make Frosé

How to Make Frosé Frosé—A.K.A. frozen rosé is the  current “it” drink of the summer! Created in NYC and perfected in LA, you are sure to see it popping up on trendy cocktail menus all over the place! And did we mention it’s easy? If you are a wine lover, rosé lover, or (lets be…

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Perfect Pizza Dough

Its no secret that the Sisters LOVE pizza. If were not visiting our friends at LOVEPIZZA, were making it at home. Now, we’re not chefs, and we’re not even Italian….but we KNOW pizza. Trust us, this crust is the best. This super simple and quick dough can be made two ways, either with your stand mixer…

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Vibrant Vegan Asian Noodle Salad

I first made this recipe five years ago when I became Vegan for lent. Let me tell you, eating vegan is TOUGH, especially if you are used to eating meat. At. Like. Every. Meal. So high five to all you Vegans out there, because 40 days was just about all I could handle! And I…

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What Mother’s Really Want.. For Mother’s Day

Last week, we shared our Mother’s Day Gift Guide with plenty of fantastic gift suggestions for the moms in your life! But because YOU Moms are so AMAZING, so SPECIAL and do so MUCH we thought one post about Mother’s Day simply wasn’t enough! So we’ve teamed up with our friend Hannah of The Momoirs…

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Refreshing Grapefruit Paloma’s

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! We LOVE us some Grapefruit, and these light, tart and refreshing Grapefruit Paloma’s are the perfect drink for your Cinco Fiesta. Or for your Oilers Game five viewing party… Just saying! Heres what you Need: 1/4 cup fresh grapefruit juice 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 teaspoon stevia or honey 1/4…

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