Italian Inspired Chop Salad

I came up with this idea while roaming the amazing aisles at the Italian Center Shop. Everything in that store is positively amazing- from the incredible deli to the (cheap!) and great quality produce, to the aisles of unique European products. I swear, in anther life, I was Italian! As many of you know, I’m…

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10 Easy and Cheap Ways to Freshen your Space this Spring!

It happens to us every year! March rolls around, and regardless of how much snow is on the ground, we have SPRING FEVER. We have the sudden urge to get rid of everything Winter and usher Spring right on in. Because we are craving change, we figured some of you might be too! We compiled…

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Tangy Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps

We may or may not have indulged a *little* too much while on Vacation last week. Usually we aim to follow the 80/15/5 Rule where lean proteins, fruit and vegetables make up about 80% of meals, Dairy and Gluten Free Grains (quinoa, rice, oats) make up 15% of our meals, leaving room for about 5%…

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Carrott + Cucumber Asian Salad

We recently purchased a “julienne” tool, and we have to admit, we are totally OBSESSED with it.. Julienne all the veggies! Its so easy to use and dare we say it, makes eating veggies so much more fun! Kids LOVE it too!!! We started using this to peel carrots for Tacos, and then had the brain wave to use it…

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UnBEETable Salad

Beet Salad Recipe and we're sharing some tips for cooking beets

Beet Salad Recipe This week’s salad features one of our absolute FAVE vegetables! Roasted Beets. Even though this beet salad recipe is simple with just a few ingredients, the flavors are Bold and Fresh! I know what you’re thinking.. Beets are messy. They dye your hands and stain your clothes. Its true. We have been known to ruin a…

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Savory Brussels Sprout Salad

I’m keeping my promise! Here’s my delicious salad of the week. I’ve been a Brussel sprout fan for as long as I can remember! Even as a child I LOVED when my grandmothers would make them! It wasnt until a few months ago that the thought occurred to me to eat them raw. In a […]

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Ultimate Road Trip (Healthy) Eats

With the long weekend looming, I am organizing away as we prepare for a little mountain vacation! Since I’m in prep mode- I figured I’d share some of my road trip tips with you.. specifically related to FOOD! As the mother of a constantly growing, constantly HUNGRY toddler boy, I have learned to always have a…

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Protein Power Bites

Protein Power Bites

As two busy ladies always on the go from work, to the gym, the dog park, pre-school pick ups.. (the list goes on!) we are constantly on the look out for whole, healthy snacks that are not only tasty and keep us full but are also nutritious! These Protein Power balls are a favorite, perfect…

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Four Ingredient Trail Mix

Home made Trail Mix is one of my favorite simple, healthy and cost- effective snacks! I literally ALWAYS have a bag in my purse.We are lucky not to have any nut allergies in our house hold (yet! I’m crossing my fingers behind my back as I type…) Even If you do have nut allergies to contend with,  there are…

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Orzo Asparagus Salad

Orzo Asparagus Salad is one of our faves! To say pasta is beloved in my household would be a HUGE understatement! I swear, I should have been born Italian! That said, we usually try to limit our pasta intake to one meal a week in an attempt to keep in line with our fitness goals.…

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