Vibrant Spring Salad with Oven Roasted Chickpeas and Grilled Turkey Breast

Spring Salad Recipe with Chickpeas and Turkey Breast

Spring Salad Recipe With Chickpeas & Turkey As the days become longer and the the weather warmer, we are craving lighter, more refreshing meals- like this colorful layered spring salad with grilled Turkey breast. The variety of veggies provides bold flavors and textures, crispy oven roasted chickpeas provide the “crunch” and the grilled Turkey Breast…

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Strawberry Basil Smash Summer Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Basil Cocktail for summer, yummy Vodka Cocktail recipe
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Zesty Pork Side Ribs With Whiskey BBQ Sauce

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Refreshing and Unique Easter Egg Cocktail

The best Easter Cocktail Recipe using Gin

Every time Eau Claire Craft creates a new spirit in their amazing distillery, I fall in love and dub it my favorite libation- until they come up with another one… and then the cycle continues! Ha, Ha.  Such is the case with Eau Claire’s UNBELIEVABLE New Saskatoon Honey Gin. I’ll just call it my “current…

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Truffled Potatoes- Two Ways!

truffle potatoes recipe 2 ways, mashed potatoes and roasted

Truffle Potatoes Recipe – 2 Ways When it comes to Potatoes.. are you team oven roasted or team mashed? Up until the past several years, I was never been a huge fan of mashed potatoes, but that’s perhaps because, as a kid, my family always used to give me the task of mashing… and then…

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MARBLED Easter Eggs

Marbleized eggs for easter, how to make marbled eggs with shaving cream

How to Make Marbled Easter Eggs These marbled Easter Eggs have been a long time favorite for our kids and so many of our friends asked, “how do I make a marbled Easter egg?!” So we decided to share a post in our initial year of blogging and we come back and re- share this…

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Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Basil Meatballs

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe Italian Wedding soup has been my husband’s favorite for years! Recently, I decided to switch it up by using Turkey to make the meatballs in my recipe and *WOW* total game changer! This soup is on a steady repeat in our home!  I always try to sneak in extra veggies for…

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“Modern Ukrainian” Salad

Modern Ukrainian Salad with Beets and Kale, Kale salad recipe

Modern Ukrainian Salad Recipe This is one of my most frequently made, and most popular salad recipes that friends and family love every time I serve it… so I figured it was high time to share! This delicious salad uses so many wonderful, local and organic ingredients from both the Root Cellar and Market Garden…

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Most Delicious Lemon + Brussels Sprouts Risotto

Digging into this delicious risotto recipe made in my instant pot

Lemon Risotto with Brussel Sprouts Recipe I LOVE Risotto! LOVE IT! Unfortunately every time I make it on the stove it sucks. Ha. Ha. It’s so time consuming and requires constant stirring and attention… I always end up messing it up. Enter – my saviour- the instant pot. I actually had no idea you could…

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Sophisticated Shirley Temple Cocktail Recipe

A pretty and easy Valentines Day cocktail recipe with gin

Easy Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe Raise your hand if you LOVED Shirley Temples as a kid!! We were both obsessed! It was always our favorite “special occasion” drink. When creating our valentine’s day cocktail this year, we thought it would be so fun to make something that reminded us of the good ‘ol days, you…

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