“Modern Ukrainian” Salad

Modern Ukrainian Salad with Beets and Kale, Kale salad recipe

Modern Ukrainian Salad Recipe This is one of my most frequently made, and most popular salad recipes that friends and family love every time I serve it… so I figured it was high time to share! This delicious salad uses so many wonderful, local and organic ingredients from both the Root Cellar and Market Garden…

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Most Delicious Lemon + Brussels Sprouts Risotto

I LOVE Risotto! LOVE IT! Unfortunately every time I make it on the stove it sucks. Ha. Ha. Its so time consuming and requires constant stirring and attention… I always end up messing it up. Enter – my savior- the instant pot. I actually had no idea you could do Risotto in there until a…

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Sophisticated Shirley Temple

Raise your hand if you LOVED Shirley Temples as a kid!! We were both obsessed! It was always our favorite “special occasion” drink. When creating our Valentines/ Galentines signature cocktail this year, we thought it would be so fun to make something that reminded us of the good ‘ol days, you know, the ones when…

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Easy, Mouthwatering Instant Pot Beef Ragu and Pappardelle

Beef Ragu and Pink Pappardelle

For the last several months we’ve been celebrating occasions with friends and family via zoom, and while, not ideal- it can still be a lot of fun! We’ve even had multiple dinner parties where each person (or couple) comes up with a recipe and ‘teaches’ the others how to make it! We get that not…

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Tuscan Chicken +Gnocchi Stew

Every January, we get in a food “RUT”. Maybe it’s all the excess of the Holidays, the exhaustion of getting back into (somewhat) of a routine, or maybe it’s just the January “blahs”, but I ALWAYS find myself just lacking motivation to cook healthy + delicious meals. I’ve been so freaking uninspired lately, but I…

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Spicy Christmas Mule

The Moscow Mule may just be one of my favorite cocktails of all time. I have a slight obsession with ginger and citrus, so when I was thinking about what I’d want to be enjoying during all of our Zoom Christmas Parties with Friends, I naturally though- a Mule! But then I remembered I had…

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Local Charcuterie

How to make a charcuterie board

How to Make A Charcuterie Board  Have you been to Freson Bros. before? From the moment you walk in, until the second you leave, you can’t help but enjoy the experience! The aisles are spotless, the produce impeccable, the selection impressive and the staff always helpful and smiling (okay, smizing… its 2020!). When we think…

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The BEST Savory Root Vegetable Dish

There is nothing I love more than to be in the Kitchen creating a beautiful and healthy meal for my family during the Holidays. With the events of the past year,  I’m more motivated than ever to make it special and memorable for us all. I’m excited to add a few new offerings to our…

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Fresh Air – A Recipe for Living our Best Life!

We all know the last ten or so months have changed our routines and way of living. We’ve said goodbye to old habits and formed new ones. And the habit that has helped my family and I the most during these challenging times has undoubtedly been spending time in the great outdoors. Getting fresh air…

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Gin + Gingerbread Holiday Cocktail

The Holiday Season is HERE! We do love us a glammed up holiday fete (any excuse to dress up these days.. right??) but, we definitely do enjoy an excuse to saddle up on the couch with a solid cocktail (or mocktail!)  and a Hallmark Movie. Richelle’s cocktail of choice this year has been anything with…

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