(Extra) Spooky Halloween

How to celebrate Halloween safely post-covid

When I think back to April and how sad I was that we wouldn’t be spending Easter together as a family (for the first time ever!), but at the same time thinking “thank goodness it’s not Thanksgiving/Christmas”…. I kind of have to laugh (and maybe shed a tear). At the time, none of us had…

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Family Mountain Adventure- #LiveYourBestABCLife

Come along on our trip to the Mountains with Family! Richelle, her husband and kids in Jasper.

Trip to the Mountains with Family A few weeks ago, my family and I escaped the city and headed out of town for a little road trip to Jasper. While the dark cloud of the pandemic hanging over us the past several months has certainly impacted our ability to travel like we usually do, we…

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Peach Cinnamon Gin Fizz

Richelle pouring a peach gin fizz cocktail from a gold shaker

Peach Gin Fizz Recipe I know Peaches don’t exactly scream Fall, but Cinnamon sure does. And this combination together is brilliant! This Peach Gin Fizz cocktail is the the perfect pre- turkey libation, if we do say so ourselves! Flourish Gin is Eau Claire Distilleries newest gin release. Flourish Gin is fun and approachable (even…

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Prickly Pear Martini with a Kick

prickly pear martini garnished with slices of pear

Prickly Pear Martini Recipe Have you tried Prickly Pear EquinOx? This sweet, barley based alternative to gin or vodka (by our pals at Eau Claire Distillery) is a unique spirit delightful enough to be served alone over ice, or as the ideal spirit in a cocktail recipe, like this prickly pear martini! I’m always a…

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Get Running!

Raise your hand if you love to Run!! I realize Running may not be everyone’s favorite past time.. but it can be! Hear me out. There have been times in my life when I’ve run every single day. There have been times when I haven’t run in YEARS. Times when I’ve literally forced myself to…

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5 Easy hacks to make the BEST Crudités Board

Richelle, Canadian lifestyle and food blogger makes the best crudités board for her family.

How to Make the Best Crudités Board Crudités is not only one of our favourite things to eat, but its also one of our go-to appetizers when hosting! We particularly love it because a) Richelle is a fairly picky eater and  she loves that she can choose what goes on her plate without looking rude…

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Limoncello Collins Cocktail Recipe

Limoncello Gin Collins Cocktail made by food and lifestyle blogger, Richelle

Limoncello Collins Cocktail Recipe Summer may be drawing to a close (insert sad face here!) but, on the bright side, we eat Italian cuisine alllllllll year long and this Limoncello Collins cocktail is the ideal Apéritif to start any Italian meal! Pasta, Pizza Crostini- you name it- the Limoncello Collins cuts the rich flavors beautifully!…

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Back to School : Pandemic Edition.

I’m pretty sure the number one spoken word in 2020 is “unprecedented”. And it’s true, aside from eating dinner with my immediate family…. none of my daily activities are “normal”. Trips to the grocery store, work, book club (what’s up Zoom!) even off leash dog park walks were weird for a while. Its hard to…

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Light + Fresh Zucchini Salad Recipe

Arugula, corn and fresh garden zucchini are the key ingredients in this Zucchini Salad Recipe

Zucchini Salad Recipe Whether your garden is producing Zucchini the size of a small child (like mine!) or you just love Zucchini and are looking for some new ideas— this Salad recipe is a MUST make! Even if you are typically not a huge fan of Zucchini (Richelle!) your mind will actually be blown by…

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Refreshing Rose & Watermelon Sangria Recipe

Not your average Sangria recipe! For most- when we hear that word, “SANGRIA” an image of a sweet, red concoction thick as syrup and loaded with fruit comes to mind. No offence it that’s your thing- we’re just not really fans of that particular kind! Ha, Ha. So, in anticipation of the Long Weekend, and…

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