Refreshing Holiday Cocktail- The Sugar Plum Fizz

Fun and Festive refreshing holiday cocktail

We are always looking to add fun and unique Cocktails to our Holiday hosting repertoire and this refreshing and fun Sugar Plum Fizz does not disappoint!

Delicious and easy winter cocktail


Flavorful plum simple syrup, combined with a splash of citrus and Wild Life Distillery’s stunning purple Rundle Bar Gin make for the PERFECT festive libation! Factor in that sugared rim.. and your cocktail making skills will be deemed legendary this Holiday Season! (Insert Nutcracker theme here!) 

Refreshing Holiday cocktail
Here’s What you Need:

For Plum Simple syrup:

- 2 cups sugar (or substitute)

- 2 cups water

- 4 small plums, sliced into eighths

For Cocktail:

- 3 oz Wild Life Distillery Rundle Bar Gin

- 1 tsp  Plum simple syrup

- 1 tsp lime juice

- ice cubes

- 3 oz sparkling water

- sugar for glass rim optional 

Fun winter cocktail


1. Prepare your simple syrup by bringing sugar and water to boil in a saucepan over medium heat.

2. Once liquid has reduced to half, remove from stove and add in plum slices while liquid cools.

3. In a cocktail mixing glass add in Gin, lime juice, ice and syrup. Stir vigorously 

4. Sugar the rim of your glassware and pour!

5. Cheers to the holidays! 

Fun and refreshing holiday cocktail

Fun and Festive refreshing holiday cocktail

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