The NEW Crudité Platter

At one time or another we’ve all attended a gathering with a SAD excuse for a veggie platter, amiright? And while a grocery store veggie tray will do in a pinch- and let’e be real- sometimes that is all we (or the host) have time for- it is surprisingly easy to step up our vegetable game!

We are loving the recent trend of artfully serving fresh and interesting vegetables at a gathering, making it more than just a healthy option, but rather something stunning to admire (before everyone digs into all that delicious- ness). With just a few simple tips we can take your run- of- the- mill veggie tray and make it a Crudité to be proud of!

Heres What to do:

  1. Grab those “staple” Veggies. Cucumber, Carrott Sticks, Cherry Tomato, Celery
  2. Add some ” adventurous” Veggies. Blanched green beens, Radiccio, Blanched Broccolini, Purple Cauliflower,Whole Mini- Summer Squash, Mini multi-colored peppers, whatever you can find that is fun and unique.
  3. Get creative with shape + Color. This is where you can get creative! Cut some vegetables on angles, Leave some veggies full size, try our cookie cutters for fun shapes- go wild!
  4. Mix in the extras. We love a good hummus topped with a drizzle of olive oil and some paprika alongside a freshly made dressing made from Greek Yogurt, loaded with dill, garlic, salt+ pepper. Home made spicy Guacamole is always a huge hit!
  5. Arrange with Flourish! Our favourite part! Come up with a them and roll with it. Maybe you want arrange everything in neat striaight lines, a chevron theme, wave- like pattern, whatever you feel like! The most important thing is to cover the whole board/tray/plate. The idea is to fill every possible space with epic deliciousness!


Here are some images of a recent Crudité we put together for our Whoville Tree Workshop with Flowers by Willows to kick off the holiday season.

All the gorgeous organic produce was provided by our friends at ! We love using Spud because they deliver the freshest organic foods directly to our door and we are never “locked” in to purchase. We simply order what we want, when we need it. If there are weeks where we are on vacation, or have not finished the previous order, we aren’t obligated to renew our order!


Happy Holiday Crudité- ing! We’d love to see what creations you come up with! Be sure to tag us on instagram or send us a note at

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